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    Welcome to Quantum Nature!

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    I am a life-long birder, and I set up this site for my "life list" as well as a lot of bird photos (and a few videos). I went to Cameroon, Central Africa in mid-2010 with the Peace Corps, and prior to that traveled and birded 6 of 7 continents. Antarctica is all that remains, so needless to say, there are very few penguin shots!

    Here's what you can do on this site so far:

    Research: Click the Find a bird link in the menu, or Browse to see birds by family. I have alternate scientific names and common names, though it doesn't do well with mis-spellings. Try shortening the word if you have trouble (like searching for "wood" rather than "pileated woodpecker").
    What's New: Look up photos and videos that were recently added on What's New. I don't have a high quality camera at the moment, but that leads us to:
    Add/Upload Photos, Videos, Links: Once you create an account, you can upload media for any bird species!
    View Data: Check out recent updates:
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    Create Sighting Reports: If you need another place to have your lifelist, or just would like to contribute to the knowledgebase, create an account and start posting your sightings! The Sighting Reports link that appears once you log in features a photo checklist that lets you conveniently report sightings for your region.

    Feel free to contribute your own content too. Just sign up and you can share links to your own photos, videos or sighting reports!

    To browse all bird species associated with photos on this site, click here. You can then refine that query to your own region (such as 'North America' or 'Europe') and filter by name. Here are a few examples to get you started:

    Bald Eagle Eurasian Goldfinch Leadbeater's Cockatoo White-eared Jacamar Double-collared Sunbird
    North America Europe Australia the Amazon Southern Africa Recent Sightings

    Again, I welcome any and all feedback. Please don't hesitate to write and make suggestions. Enjoy!!

    C. Vadai

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